Get ready for a musical odyssey that lasts until the early hours at Fly – Feel The High. Our venue is your passport to a night where the beats never stop, and the rhythm takes control.

As the sun sets, our space transforms into a sonic haven, curated by resident DJs who understand the heartbeat of the night. From pulsating electronic vibes to soulful rhythms, our music lineup transcends genres, creating an immersive experience that resonates with every party enthusiast.

Whether you’re dancing beneath the stars on our rooftop or surrendering to the music on the main floor, the energy at Fly is contagious. The night is yours, and the music is your guide as you navigate through an atmosphere charged with excitement.

Join us for a night where the music plays on and the dance floor becomes your canvas. At Fly, the celebration doesn’t end until the last note fades away. Come, immerse yourself in a symphony of beats, and let the music be your companion throughout the night. Fly with us, where the sound never stops, and the night is an endless melody. Welcome to Fly – Feel The High.